About Angela Moua

Gifted with Psychic Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient abilities, I provide and channel clear divine messages and guidances from my spirit realm.  I am also a Cancer Survivor and Fertility Advocate as I have struggled to Conceive very early in my marriage and now I am a mother to 5 beautiful kids and a wife to loving and supportive husband.

Know that I will tell you the truth straightforward like how it is with no sugar coating.  There is no fluff with me, straight to the point and the core that needs to be healed.  The Main themes of our lives that consist of Money, Relationship, Health, Business, Self are all interconnected…

The Types of readings I offer are Psychic Clairvoyant readings, Fertility Readings, Personal Spiritual Growth Mentorship for Life and Business, Healings session (remote session included).

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Private Individual Sessions

Struggling, confused, unsure, feeling stuck can bring you to a place of uncertainty.  Whatever state of mind you are going through now, let's bring you the answers to clear your path so you can walk with confidence and faith.

Intuitive Guidance 30 Min Session - $80.00
Intuitive Guidance 1 Hr Session - $150.00



You were created from energy qualities of Divine Source and you are a unique one of a kinda. Soul Blueprint delivers to you a better understanding of your purpose, a better view of how you can start creating a life full of abundance, to understand what your Divine gifts are, where/how you originated and healings in your records.

Akashic Records will provide you the roots, solutions, and healings of your challenges, whether it is finances, health, relationships, etc. Before each session, I will access your Akashic Records and spend about 60+ minutes working on your Records and what I receive will be delivered to you in a 1 hour session.

Akashic Records Soul Realignment Blueprint ™, 1 hour -- $299


15 Minutes Readings -- $60.00

Do You have some quick questions you would like some answers to? For 15 Minutes, let Spirit connect with You through Tarot and provide you some Insights and Guidances.





Benefit One

Become alive and awaken with each session.

Benefit Two

Feel your soul shift, change and heal from deep beliefs within yourself.

Benefit Three

Live a purposeful life in peace. 

Fertility Guidance 

A fertility journey can be a lonely journey of the unknown future. You deserve some closure and healing answers tailored to your fertility/TTC challenges.  Let it be known NOW then never. 

Fertility Intuitive Guidance Session - $80.00
Fertility Intuitive Guidance Session 1 Hr Session - $150.00


Mediumship Readings

Receive messages from your Loved ones that have crossed over to the other side. Help them help you to bring closer, freedom and healing into your heart. One of the greatest joy they have is being able to communicate with you in an unlimited way and one of the first steps is through a medium. Make your connection today.


Testimonials: Akashic Records Soul Realignment Blueprint (TM)

February 5, 2020 --> I had an amazing Akashic Records Soul Blueprint reading done by Angela Xiong Moua just recently and felt an immediate massive relief afterwards. Be prepare to be open and ready to receive all kinds of information as they come, all in a positive way. :) I had to re-listen the recording session again. Just so i could comprehend each meaning again, come on, think of it try reading someone's whole life within an hour that is not enough. I think it should be 2 hours!! LOL! But I know talking for an hour takes a lot of energy out of you. My reading was spot on and my hidden talents got me very curious wanting to explore more. She goes into detail if you ask and simple enough for you to understand. I recommend it!!! ~~ Julya Vang

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