Confused? Frustrated? Don't know what is what anymore?!

One of the most sought-after questions that gets asked consistently is: How do I trust and connect my to gut instincts/intuition? How do I protect from negative entities?

Struggle no more. Inside this 2 Hours MasterClass, you will receive the answers and tools to help you start trusting your Intuition better and create a way to protect yourself, but that is not all that is inside this masterclass.

In addition, you will know How to connect with your spirit guides? use Protection and Boundaries, get Spiritual Coaching on Healing Self and Giving Sarvatva Healing (TM) Energy Healing.

All of this for $169.

Are you ready to tell the difference between what is Intuition and what is not? If Yes, click on the Purchase Now button below.

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What Students are experiencing inside this MasterClass:

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Are You Staying True to Yourself?

When faced with making decisions, do you revert to always analyzing what is the best way to solve a problem?

And then second-guessing or doubting that thought. 

Next, you try to feel from your gut what is the best solution, 

And now you can’t feel anything because you are so confused as to what is the best way to listen…

Who should I trust…Thoughts or Intuition?

The confusion and frustration settles in and you choose the thoughts because it makes you feel better, safer, and more logically right.

Your Intuition gets to sit in the background to be later regretted or just ignored.

This doesn’t happen once, but more than You can count throughout the years.

Year after year your Intuition never gives up on you, but keeps coming through and through.

You question on how to trust yourself more Intuitively, but where do you start? 

Tuning Your Sixth Sense takes practical practice and of course, you can always learn from books, but it doesn’t beat Hand-Ons learning and relatable experiences from other people.

If you desire to:

  • Know where do you start to learn to trust yourself more Intuitively?
  • How to feel your Intuition?
  • Understand how to distinguish between trusting your thoughts or Intuition?
  • And How to live Intuitively by Intuition?

I invite you to Enroll in my course Tuning Your Sixth Sense.  

What you’ll learn inside the course:

🏹 Activate your Intuition and Inner Power,

🏹 Overcome fear to developing and trusting your gifts,

🏹Grounding you into reality,

🏹 Protect and create boundaries,

🏹 Understand Energy,

🏹 What Gifts You Have,

🏹 What is the Ego,

🏹 Meet Your Guides/Angels/Higher Powers,

🏹 Weekly Practice with Partners and more.

Still Curious, then Scroll Down 👇

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This Class is combined with another class called Taming Your Ego.

Your Investment for 2 Classes is $998. (Payment Options Available upon request.)


Are You Ready to Develop Your Spiritual Gifts?

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TESTIMONIALS from Tuning Your 6th Sense Graduates: 

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Ka Zoua Xiong

Prior to meeting Angela, I was very out-of-touch with my spirituality. In the way I was raised, I was always the curious kid who asked a lot of WHYs but only received "because that's the way things are done".
Not too long ago, my path led me to find yoga and meditation and then in 2021, I met Angela. At first, I had no idea what she did. I was asking her all these ridiculous questions: "what is intuition? Do you see ghosts?" that led to deeper questions like "what is the difference between my ego talking and my intuition? How can I protect myself from other's energies and pain?"
I made the decision to invest in Angela's Tuning Your Sixth Sense program to step into commanding my power as an energetic being.
To be honest, I felt a bit out of place our first day together but I leaned in with child-like wonder and felt reassured that at one point, some of them were exactly where I was.
I've always thought that one is born "gifted", which some are more gifted then others, but we all have gifts and it takes curiosity to tune inward to discover our gifts.
My time with Angela and the other participants is starting to feel like coming home to what has always existed within me.
I've appreciated the FUN exercises we did in class, the meditations Angela lead us through and the space to be all in the FEELS.
I look forward to deepening my practice with Angela as my mentor.
If you've been following Angela for awhile, don't question it. You already know. Book a session with her or take her Tuning Your Sixth Sense program. That spark of knowledge, confirmation, or guidance will give you deeper clarity on who you are and what purpose you're here to serve. Take care.💚
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Mai Choo Yang

I had a great experience once again with my mentor Angela. I’m already intuitive myself but sometimes during stressful times, we’re stuck in the mist of trying to figure things out. Long story short, I was able to dive deeper to why things are happening for me. Everything happens for a reason right? But what’s that reason? I wasn’t able to figure that out using my own intuition. I knew there’s a reason but because I’m already stressed with a lot going on, I couldn’t dive into what that reason was. I’m very happy with my session as I was able to figure out the core reason to why things are happening for me. To be exact, to why my life have these repeat cycles. I felt a huge burden lifted and a huge sense of relief after our session. Thanks so much Angela for all that you do. I greatly appreciate you and your guide’s time. 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

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Anonymous Student

I highly recommend Angela.  She knows what she is doing. I love how straightforward she is and gets right to the point. She will take her time to help with any answers and explains thoroughly. She truly is one of a kind. Thank you Angela for all that you do.

Kia Thao

My biggest fears were failure, unworthy, weak, and language barrier between Angela and I. I remember asking Angela those “what if..” questions prior to joining the class…what if I cannot do it, what if it doesn’t work, what if its me? I did not know how to operate my gifts.

Did you see any demons/evil spirits as you expanded your abilities in this class? no

I am confident. I realized that I have the capability and my intuition/gifts have always been there but because I lacked self-confidence and had no knowledge of where and how to begin the process, I was blocked from them and pulled myself down even more.  Prior to this class, I have no knowledge of the Ego at all. All I knew was the voice in my head was me, myself and I only. After completing the course, it has changed my view significantly because there are I, Ego, and my inner self. The information I’ve gained from this class has helped me to become a better version of myself just not in the spiritual aspect but in everyday life. It helps me to be in control of my decisions/reactions under circumstances.  ? If you are now reading my post, it means that the Spirits have led you here for a reason but if you still have a slight doubt about this class, that’s your Ego and it needs to be tamed. I say take the class and you’ll be amazed of what you can do.

Chia Vang Carver

"Taking Angela's Tuning Your Sixth Sense Course has been a very enlightening experience. Each of her lessons are very informative and impactful. I appreciate that we are taught how to protect ourselves before entering into higher dimensions as well as in every day life. I love that I can access mini videos each day to help me keep my ego in check. Angela has created a safe and welcoming environment for her students which I truly appreciate as a newbie. I'm always excited for each class and am grateful to have this opportunity to learn from Angela."

Generational trauma and/or inner wound healing isn’t about…

Defending yourself or others,

Casting judgments,


Pointing Fingers,


Jealousy or envy,


Knowing about the Problem, but Avoiding or Ignoring them,

Pleasing from scarcity,

Shrugged off Forgiveness,

Keeping quiet,

Having negative intentions.



You (FIRST!),

True forgiveness,

Removing judgments & pride

Owning your self-respect, self-love, and self-worth, so you don’t have to defend for yourself,

Knowing your choices, Knowing your truth - standing your ground with healthy boundaries so you’re not swayed by judgments/criticism,

Removing fears with courage to face the problems,

Speaking your truth from a place of love not from anger full of poisoning to the next,

Being aware (having responsibility) of your intentions and actions on how it affects others,

Having spirits’ support because with spirit there is a solution to everything.

Healing is about Taking care of your consciousness (mind/ego), emotions, physical self and spiritual soul so you can give yourself, your loved ones and the next generation a world of kindness, unconditional love, humbleness, and inclusiveness, less ego & more.


Change is not possible if you are trying to change someone else other than You, yourself because you are not responsible for that other person (this includes your parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.)

You and the people(s) that you gave birth to are your only responsibilities (unless they are over 18 years old)!


You know when you are no longer triggered or feeling hurt or feeling pain by the very people that have wronged you, It means that you have truly healed the deep stuff. Forgiveness has also taken place. There is no question or fear left in you. 


When You make the Change, the Change Happens.

Everything starts with You!


Command Your Life so you can remove the fears and questions of doubt. 

 Your investment is $2,500. (Payment Options available upon request.)


Ready to be the Commander of Your Life?



Praises from Command Your Life Graduates:

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I initially saw Angela's face before on social was probably an older professional headshot but my first thought was, "wow, a Hmong psychic!" I've heard of shamans and saubs but not with the title of a psychic. Next, I saw that she was a moderator of a friend's group. She seemed very professional, humble and modest. It wasn't until I joined a free masterclass, that I got to really interact with her. Woah, this masterclass blew me away with all of the practical skills and experiences that I could reproduce. She seemed very professional and knowledgeable. I knew I'd want to work with her; just not this soon! I didn't know what to expect besides journaling and learning some laws.. I love the combo of tame your ego and command your life curriculum together. The tangible things that have improved is Less yelling, more peace in the mornings, improved communication with my husband and kids; Some intangible things that I have been able to receive is that I feel free. Released. Happy. I have the power and control. I do not fear the unknown and feel that there is abundance in the world, whatever I please. Another thing is the healing of some of my inner child wounds. I love myself so much more and have learned a few tools to help me see how certain things have impacted my current relationships and why I do what I do. My biggest takeaway is that it all comes back to me. Not happy with my relationship, it started with and ended with me, looking at me. Not happy about my kids? Had to dig into me, not them. Not happy about a work situation? How could I change my thoughts about the situation and do things within my control.

Everything comes back to digging within myself, discovering self love, and me. 

This program has changed my life for the better by allowing me to level up and take the initiative and to let go of some of the egotistical thoughts that hold me back from being my highest self. I no longer feel like I need someone to come save me or tell me what to do. I am the beholder of my dreams and life.

Whatever I think and say are powerful and I need to be mindful to create and manifest what I desire. As much as I thought I knew myself and had self love, I was in for a rude awakening. I still have so much more uncovering to do but as I do more and more, my relationships with myself and loved ones continue to thrive. Ladies, I am a firm believer in investing in myself. I want the same for you. If you've been feeling stuck and stagnant, this is a great program for you.

You will reap so many benefits and learn so many things about yourself. I guarantee you that you'll come out of it with more than what you initially signed up for.

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My impression of Angela was that she's confident, business orientated, informative, and caring. Her response to inquiries was quick which made communication great. Prior to taking the course, Command Your Life, I had a few questions about what each course was, and which course would best fit me.

Angela kindly scheduled a 1-1 with me and explained her courses so I can fully understand each course. The application and fee process went smoothly.

Overall, it was a good and comfortable transaction. I admire the business as it's founded and operated by a woman of color; it's empowering to see representation. My first impression of Command Your Life was, "WOW"-I was coming into class with a set of personal things I wanted to work on, the conversation got DEEP. I truly appreciate that aspect of the class because it adds value to the experience of learning and growing. You can genuinely express yourself and not feel like you need to hold back. It's a safe place and she is supportive of your goals. The class helped me navigate through my waves of emotions and uncertainties. One of the lessons (this is just a snippet of it, take the class to learn more) which entailed "giving and receiving" yielded positive results for me. I gave donations/gifts without the expectation to receive anything, and in return, I received kind gestures or surprises. It was a phenomenal experience. Command Your Life slowly reshaped and improved my views on myself. I learned how to work with the Ego. I noticed all the self-sabotaging thoughts I was creating and gradually was able to transmute it to be beneficial life lessons. 

Overall, my biggest takeaway is that I am responsible for me and my decisions. I am working on myself to unpack things that no longer serve me. I only seek approval from myself, and I give myself the power to take charge of my life moving forward. This course has helped me rewire my thoughts and now I recognize a part of me that is capable of doing what I intend to do-I am the creator of my life. I am truly honored and appreciative of getting to work with Angela. I feel happier, at ease, and confident! Command Your Life has uplifted me and gave me the opportunity to express myself and reclaim my strength to be who I want to be. To all Women/Divine Feminine Souls, if you come across this course and have second thoughts about it, then I encourage you to challenge yourself, discover your truth & strengths. Just know, I was there too, I did not know whether I should invest in this course or let it go, but I knew better.

Choosing to not know myself would ache me in the long run. I built the courage to take the course. No one is holding you back except for yourself. Take a leap of faith. Take the class. The only reason that is needed is your own approval.

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When I first saw Angela, I thought, "Oh, she looks like herself in the picture". As I continued to talk to her for the first time, she listened without judging me, acknowledged that I wasn't "awkward" or "weird". That was very comforting especially when she and I just first met. I am her student now and will continue to be her student.

Angela is my mentor, my angel, my mentor and mostly importantly, God sent me another sister. She's the one I can go to and talk too. What I love about Angela is that she gives so much just to see me be a BETTER me. Taking her course has taught me so much patience, teaching me how to better understand myself, and to better navigate my life in a more positive, uplifting vibe! Who wouldn't want that!

What I came out of taking her courses were to BELIEVE in myself, be able to separate my thoughts and my own feelings and FEEL into my OWN feelings instead of letting my thoughts take over my own feelings. To those of you who are wondering, take her courses! You are worth your own investment.

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