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Private Individual Sessions

Struggling, confused, or unsure? Feeling stuck can bring you to a place of uncertainty.  Allow Spirit and me to guide you with answers and clear your path so you can walk with confidence and faith. 


Personal Spiritual Growth: Create a Fertile Life with You

As I hold your hand, Spirit and I will provide you the tools to transform yourself to be the Creator of an Abundant Life through eliminating your belief patterns, taming your ego, emotional releases, implementing Universal Law Principals and many more.

Fertility Guidance

A fertility journey can be a lonely journey of the unknown future. You deserve some closure and healing answers tailored to your fertility/TTC challenges.  Let it be known NOW then never. 

Looking for more types of readings? Angela offers:

Psychic Clairvoyant readings, Fertility Readings, Personal Spiritual Growth Mentorship for Life and Business, Healings session (remote session included).

Also available: Small & Large Groups - Private Parties & Events - Private Sessions - Distance Healing 

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"...My biggest fear was not wanting to hear about my marriage ending. I was nervous, but after the session I felt so much better. She was patient with me and helped guide me through my questions. She made me see that I already am strong enough and that I just need to let go. My thoughts are much clearer then before! Lastly, I needed to love myself and worry about my kids more. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk with you. Thank you for your guidance... "

See Thoj
Private Session

"I wanted to give Angela a big thank you for providing another great session. I was very excited to have another session with her because my first one went so well. We were able to discuss my life more in detail with this session and I was amazed at how much she knew and the feedback that she gave. I think so highly of her work that I’ve recommended her to close friends and family. This session has cleared my head and my heart and has given me insight and clarity on life and what I need to do. I’m very happy with the results and hope to use Angela more in the future."

Katrina Lee
Private Session

"Thank you so much Angela. She was very insightful into my situation and read right into me. I nearly cried when she could read into my feelings of abandonment which explains why I feel like I am all over the place. Thank you again for this reading. It definitely helped me confirm a lot of things. Will do a longer session next time."

Smile Queen Photography
Private Session

"My experience with Angela has been an amazing experience. I've had heard great reviews from my friend and came to one of Angela's session with an open mind. This experience has opened my eyes not only to myself and who I am, but to the psychic world. Angela's gift is amazing. She really was able to connect to me and her ability to know certain things about me was incredibly crazy! Angela helped me recognized what is blocking my energy and helped me to realize it. I definitely will recommend Angela!"

Nancy Vang
Private Session

" want to give a shoutout for Angela Xiong Moua!! We had a wonderful Soul Book Editing (TM) session last night. Angela was able to delete several blocks on such a deep level, that I could physically feel each one! Her gentleness & grace just flowed through our session! If you have a chance book your session with her!! "

Dina Randa Wadding
Private Session

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