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Gain clarity on the path ahead with a Psychic Reading. Guidance on Soul Purpose, Relationships, Career, Health. Money, Asian Cultural Beliefs, and  help with dark energies and  Traditional Shaman Beliefs.

Gain insight into your Soul Blueprint, Divine Gifts and Soul Purpose from the Akashic Records.



Transformational coaching packages that help you better yourself and your life by bringing about necessary changes in the way you perceive past, current events and circumstances.

Areas covered include things like past traumas, toxic/abusive relationship patterns, self-worth/self-esteem and more...



Energy healing and coaching to overcome struggles and obstacles. It is a pleasant and powerful therapy that helps restore the flow of  vital life force energy, creating optimal balance in the  physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies. Energy Healing works to clear any misalignments allowing the activation of higher frequencies that allow well-being.


"Before I met with Angela, I did not know what to expect, what to ask, and where to start. I love that Angela was able to tap into my energy, feel my struggles and pains, then guided me out of it. She helped me see that my reaction to fear is the barrier that is preventing me from being happy, how I can replace my fear with positive energy, and take ownership of my life. She helped me see my blind spot where I could not see it myself. She reassures me that I can give myself "permission" to not let other's judgment and expectations of me cutting me short. I should not let people belittle me. I do not owe anyone an explanation of my choice and that is how I can keep my dream secured and stay focus on my goals and dreams. Something that she said that stood out to me was "the people who don't support you are the blockage to your success." That was my aha moment. After working with Angela, I was convinced and committed to taking ownership of my goals and dreams. I am in control of my future, my happiness, and that there is more out there. I will live up to my expectation and my dreams. I highly recommend connecting with Angela if you are in a difficult situation, creating action plans, working on blockages, wanting change, and need directions. She is a good asset to have."

Anonymous Client
Soul Wisdom Reading Session

"I initially contacted Angela because I was very stressed out about a financial situation and my marriage. She was so patient. She is honest and positively straight forward with everything. Her guidance helped me in so many ways. My financial situation worked in my favor n still going!! I just had another session with her today and it was another great one! Love her patience and positivity! Thank You Angela ❤"

Anonymous Client
Soul Wisdom Reading Session

"I had a personal session with Angela and it was amazing! It's like she could really see what was happening when I didn't really know how to explain it! I highly recommend her!! My testimonial: -What was your expectations before the session? I did not know what to expect going into this session but thoroughly enjoyed it and all the practical tips I was able to take away immediately! -What was something I was able to help you better understand and be able to utilize right away in your life? I felt like you really understood my mental block. I was over-thinking so much and needed to get out of my head and be present and aware of what's going on NOW instead of worry about the past or the future. Instead of the 'HOW' I need to focus on the 'WHAT'. What can I do now to know when? What can I do now know how? I need to stop doubting myself and look at my past accomplishments. Be very firm!! Repeat positive affirmations until I believe it!! -Would you recommend my services to your friends and families? Absolutely!! Sometimes we don't know what's wrong or why we can't move past our mental block. Going through this personal session with Angela has given me clarity and great advice to implement right away!!"

Goldshoua Xiong
Soul Wisdom Reading Session

"Befor taking the course I was not whole and lost in my own thoughts and anger, my ego was making me feel angery all the time and sad, like I am not enough. But during the course I was able to see and feel what was and wasn't, the ego will make me talk the unthinkable, and feel the truth later making it hard for me to see truth verses what i wanted me to see...taking baby steps to know the difference and to make better decisions rather then to jump to conclusions of what the mind wants me to see things as, once I've learned the difference it was not as bad as the mind made it to be it was vary minor simple things that I over thought it to be. "

Anonymous Client
Mind Awareness Course

"I want to remember this moment of how I felt after spending six+ weeks with Angela in her Mind Awareness program. It's been a couple of weeks since the program ended, and I just left my 1:1 bonus session with Angela that came with the program. In these last two weeks, I felt a significant difference in who I was becoming. Without Angela's weekly support, I found myself reverting to my old self: the one tucking away limiting beliefs (that returned daily) and with an ego that had too much power. I was not the person I was during the program, and that was not okay with me. In my 1:1 session, Angela guided and supported me beyond my desires. It was more than affirmations and positive words. Angela served as a true reflection of who I am and what I want. She unknowingly answered all my questions without me asking the questions I had prepared. (I'm not kidding.) She gave me just the right amount of information to move forward, not overwhelm to be stuck in fear. Honestly, Angela's being and genuine gifts calmed and assured me of my true nature, hopes, and dreams. At the end of the session, I told Angela I couldn't express how impactful she was because she gave me more than I had anticipated. I believe what you see Angela give in public through her gifts is only 10% of what you receive in your private session with her. (Read that again.) I love working closely with Angela and am profoundly grateful and privileged to have done so multiples times and will do so many more times in the future. She has no idea I am writing this. I just want people to know: Angela Moua is pure gold. "

Pagnia Xiong
Mind Awareness Course

"I had an Akashic Records and 2 Soul Blueprint readings with Angela. She was able to get me out of my daily struggle of not knowing who I was and what my purpose in life was. She helped me free myself from my barriers and helped me be completely honest with myself. Angela truly cares about her clients and is vigilant in ensuring that they recieve the most out of their readings. After a couple of readings, I was still hesitant and overthinking about what I thought was my passion. After a week of silence from me, she reached out. I was in a dark place of confusion, self doubt and wasn't sure about how to move forward. She booked the earliest appointment she had available for me to address these fears. I'm so truly grateful to have worked with Angela and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is searching for their purpose. I've never felt so much relief as well as excitement for what the future holds for me. Thank you Angela!"

Chia Vang Carver
Desire Creation Blueprint Session


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